I picked this sweater up in Newtown the other week for $7. It’s from the shop “Katies”. It’s thick and baggy on me so it’ll be just perfect for winter. I picked it up from a group of girls who were just selling their old clothes on the pavement. Most of the items were apparently below $5. Of course I was interested in the only thing above it, haha. The young girl did offer to bargain with me but to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in bargaining, plus $7 seemed reasonable to me since my local thrift store would probably charge between $6 - $10 for the same item.

I was pretty happy when I walked away and my boyfriend who looked back said they were all giggling and awwing at my little skip in my step, haha. I seriously can’t wait to wear this to uni in winter. Oh, and I was wearing shorts under the sweater, promise!

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02/25/12 at 10:42pm
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